Lesari Sweatshirt

This limited series features a beautiful intricate textile pattern named 'Lesari', which is printed with perfect balanced 'hand pulling' technique in Huddersfield.

The woven textiles from the North-West African regions running down the coast of Morocco are made by highly skilled women who weave on looms that are many generations old.

Whilst sharing a beautiful Tagine with a local family of weavers, I was blessed to hear stories about their families history of weaving. Right next to us sat or I should we sat  right next to their working loom which has been in their family working for 6 generations (roughly 200 years). It was from these beautiful people where I learned the term 'Lesari' meaning 4-threads.

Travel, love and the exploration in life inspires every piece & as with all my pieces the Family Tree Crest is sewn onto the back centre.

Over time I hope you don't mind my vision of taking you along the creative process and journey.

Kind regards always,


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